Infection Control

CPR practice on manikins poses very little risk of disease transmission. To further reduce this risk, CPR LifeLine has taken the following precautions:

1. We limit the student-to-manikin ratio of no more than 3 people per manikin. The majority of our classes use a 2:1 ratio.

2. The manikins used for skills practice and testing have disposable airway systems.

3. All exterior surfaces of the manikins are cleaned with a sodium hypochlorite solution, rinsed, and allowed to air dry after each class.

4. We provide a barrier device and pair of disposable, powder-free, non-latex exam gloves to each student to limit direct contact with the manikin surface. Wearing the gloves is optional, but they are provided to those that wish to wear them.

5. Disinfectant wipes are available at each class to wipe down equipment as needed during practice and testing.

In addition to these precautions, we ask that students do the following:

1. Postpone your class if you are in the infectious stage of a communicable disease. We recommend at least 7 days from the date the first symptoms appear or 24 hours after the symptoms disappear, whichever is the longest.

2. Wash your hands before, during, and after skills practice.

3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth during skills practice and testing.

For more information regarding reducing the risk of disease transmission, please visit www.cdc.gov